Founded by Chandni Sanghani, Aloraa is the home and fashion brand offering ethically-crafted products with stories and tradition at their core.

Our own story begins in India. During Chandni’s travels around this vast country, she was inspired by the rich traditions, cultures, natural resources and expertise that the people shared and preserved.

As a creative and a lover of all things handmade with care, Chandni was mesmerised by the skill and craftsmanship the locals who welcomed her had to offer. 

However, she discovered that many of these artisans were abandoning their crafts to pursue other jobs for more stability, reluctantly letting go of the knowledge that had been passed down in their families for generations. Unable to escape the reality of factories taking over their trade, churning out products faster, cheaper and with a bigger customer reach, they were left with no other choice.

Aloraa was born to address these problems and bring focus back to the handmade, the intricate and the stories that exist behind each beautifully-made product.  

At Aloraa, we champion sustainable craftsmanship, empower artisans and keep their traditions alive. We hope you enjoy discovering new places and cultures with us.

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Allure + Lore = ALORAA

Combining the allure of sustainable handmade produce with the stories and traditions that weave a lore around each creation - we believe that items made from self-expression and human touch radiate an energy that mass produced goods could never replicate. 

Our incredible range of artisanal products are intertwined with meaningful stories from the cultures and histories, discoverable on each product’s page. You will see the origins of a product and the people who crafted it and with every purchase you will ignite conversations to form a chain of connection.

We are proud that our partnered artisans trust us to tell their stories and that we are able to connect them to our customers.

Our Mission:

Embrace and celebrate the richness of stories behind each person and their craft.

  • Connection

    Every one of our items is accompanied by the story behind its creation so you can understand its cultural significance and feel connected to the artisans who made it.

  • Artistry

    We want to keep traditional methods of craftsmanship alive and appreciated. Our dedication to sharing the history and culture behind our products enables customers to further share and celebrate these stories.

  • Respect

    We prioritise ethical and sustainable connection with other humans and our planet. For us, “ethical” doesn’t end with fairly treating and compensating our producers, it also means telling their stories and acknowledging, celebrating, and respecting both their work and their humanity.