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Artisanal Embroidered Cushion Cover with Tassels


These swanky cotton covers effortlessly add class and elegance to any space. 

Size: approx. 18 x 18 inches. Insert not included.

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Disclaimer: As each product is handmade, slight variations in its appearance can be expected. Colours may differ due to the use of natural materials (or because of lighting), these differences adds to its unique charm.

Care Instructions

100% cotton. May dry or spot clean. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Iron on reverse on low heat.

  • Comfort x Style

    Bring character, culture, and a touch of nature to a room with these intricately decorated cushions. Inspired by the Hindu culture’s love for leaves and crafted by threadwork, these covers are gorgeous to look at and equally comfortable to lean on.

    Traditionally, no ceremony—from weddings to blessing a home—is complete without the inclusion of leaves. Seen as a symbol of purity, health and spiritual goodness, the connection to the natural world subtly brings the great outdoors into your home.

  • Product Summary

    • Stitched by Waseem from New Delhi, India, using a pen-like needle.
    • Leaves are a symbol of purity, health and spiritual goodness.
    • Chambray cotton is soft and breathable.
    • Effortlessly adds class and elegance to any space.
    • Includes a zip fastening.
    • Size: approx. 18 x 18 inches. Insert not included.

  • The Makers

    Beautifully-stitched by Waseem from New Delhi in India, this technique involves manually navigating a pen-like needle to create stunning patterns. Needlework has existed in India since 2000 BC – the method has been adapted and passed down many generations. However, artisans specialising in this craft are rapidly being replaced by the increase of machine-made alternatives.

  • The Material

    India’s duet with the cotton industry dates back over 4,500 years ago. Overtime Indian artisans and traders have refined their skills and have since been one of the biggest producers of cotton - so much so that in ancient Greece and Babylon, ’India’ was used as an abbreviation for ‘cotton’.

    This style is made by stitching acrylic thread onto chambray cotton which is known for its soft and breathable qualities.