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Hand Carved Mango Wood Photo Frame


Beautifully handmade photo frames made from mango wood with a rustic finish. Picture size 5 x 7 inches.

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Disclaimer: As each product is handmade, slight variations in its appearance can be expected. Colours may differ due to the use of natural materials (or because of lighting), these differences adds to its unique charm.

Care Instructions

Remove dust and dirt with a clean, soft cloth.

“We have been producing home decor and lifestyle products for the last 50 years and are proud to share our designs with the rest of the world" - Farooq, maker.

  • Nature’s Perfect Imperfections

    These hand carved frames have been perfected over hours of labour requiring great attention to detail. Their rustic finish brings with it a unique charm that makes each piece difference from the next.

    The leaf design artfully brings nature and the great outdoors into your home. From weddings to blessing a home, leaves are an important part of many rituals and are traditionally seen as a symbol of purity, health and spiritual goodness.

    The Kashmir-inspired design adds subtle elegance and luxury to any room with its shabby chic appearance. Decorative styles like these can be found in palaces and temples.

    Landscape, portrait, up on the wall or by your bedside table, their adaptability ensures they never fail to impress.

  • Product Summary

    • Hand-carved from local mango wood by artisan from Saharanpur, Northern India.
    • Influenced by Kashmiri designs.
    • Mango wood is sustainable and water-resistant.
    • Lightweight and sturdy.
    • Photo size: 5 x 7 inches, supports landscape and portrait photos.

  • The Makers

    Beautifully hand carved from mango wood by Farooq from Saharanpur, India. The town is famous for its incredible woodwork. Here, origins of the craft can be traced back to the late 19th century.

    Craftsmen like Farooq have perfected the art of patience and precision over many years of dedication, sharing their work with the rest of the world is one of the most rewarding aspects of their work.

  • The Material

    Although the mango tree is best known for its delicious fruit, its wood has been used in India for over 4,000 years to construct palaces, temples and mosques thanks to its durability, water-repellent properties, beauty and strength.

    Not only is mango wood sustainable, it generates extra income for farmers once the trees have stopped bearing fruit and provides an affordable and easy to work with the material for artisans.