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Handmade Marble Coasters (set of 4)


With stunning hues and a lovely texture, these golden rustic coasters are hand crafted and a perfect fit for any home. Size: round - 4.5 x 4.5 inches, Floral - 4 x 4 inches.

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Disclaimer: As each product is handmade, slight variations in its appearance can be expected. Colours may differ due to the use of natural materials (or because of lighting), these differences adds to its unique charm.

Care Instructions

Clean with a damp cloth. Do not place in the dishwasher. Hand wash only.

"I enjoy creating a unique blend of the traditional and the contemporary in masterfully crafted décor objects for the home, that are a rustic take on classic styles" - Kishan, maker.

  • Crown Your Palace

    A symbol of luxury, marble is one of the most universally loved stones across centuries. Most famous among them are the Mughal emperors, such as Shah-Jahan, who famously used the same white marble for the construction of the Taj Mahal.

    Like many stones, white marble is believed to have many healing properties - from clarity and strength to self control and positive focus. Not only do these coasters come with a welcomed energy, they are beautifully finished with golden edges and are a stylish way to protect your table and surfaces.

  • Product Summary

    • Handmade by Kishan and his team from Agra, India using high-grade marble.
    • Famously featured on the Taj Mahal, Marble is a symbol of luxury.
    • Its healing powers are believed to include clarity, strength, control and positive focus.
    • Beautifully finished with golden edges - every piece is unique and exclusive.
    • Size: approx. 4 inches wide.

  • The Makers

    These elegant coasters are made by Kishan and his team from Agra, India who, like many other marble workers, are 14th and 15th generation of artisans carrying on the legacy of their forefathers. The craft is usually done freehand and requires a great deal of precision - no two pieces of marble are the same, making each offering unique and exclusive.

  • The Material

    Marble is widely celebrated and used across India - is a common feature in many homes thanks to its durable and cooling properties. Little known to others, it’s also a fascinating material to work with; when freshly quarried it is fairly soft and gradually hardens over time.

    These coasters are made with high-grade white marble and are crafted using various tools such as a compass, hammer, chisel and sandpaper. Due to natural variations of the hues, each coaster is special and unique.