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Handmade Stainless Steel Servers (Set of 2)

These elegant servers with sleek handles are the must-have kitchen accessory.
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Disclaimer: As each product is handmade, slight variations in its appearance can be expected. Colours may differ due to the use of natural materials (or because of lighting), these differences adds to its unique charm.

Care Instructions

Clean your utensils before first time use. Hand and dishwasher safe.

"Our family have been making metal products since many years, my grandfather started this legacy and now we make thousands of pieces by hand in a month" - Rizwan, maker.

  • Serve with Style

    Made from stainless steel and handcrafted by artisans in India, this set of servers is more than just another utensil. Its stylish, contemporary design and beautiful finish makes it the perfect addition to any kitchen. Bring them out daily, save them for special occasions or buy them as a gift for the new homeowner or chef in your life.

    While trendy and modern in style, this kitchen accessory is actually made using traditional techniques where metal shapes are produced by pouring molten metal into a mold cavity. Once it has cooled, the metal is removed from the mold.

  • Product Summary

    • Handmade by Rizwan from Moradabad, India using traditional techniques.
    • Foodsafe and durable.
    • Smooth, sturdy and stylish.
    • Luxurious finish.
    • Great serving utensil for daily use, special occasions or gifting.

  • The Makers

    Lovingly handmade by Rizwan from the city of Moradabad in India. For artisans like him, working with metal is a longstanding family tradition where methods of the craft have passed over numerous generations. Their dedication to the craft has allowed Rizwan and his family to scale up their business.

  • The Material

    Beautifully handmade using stainless steel with a luxurious finish.

    For centuries, people in India have been cooking, serving and eating on stainless steel. Reasons include the country’s status as one of the biggest producers of the material and also because of the metal’s many benefits: easy to clean, safe to eat on, unbreakable and durable. Plus, unlike plastic, stainless steel is recyclable, re-usable and re-mouldable.